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The importance of sharing

For EMMEVI it has always been a priority to convey our values in every project we make. That is why we do not leave anything by chance, not even our collaborations.

For us being able to share our heritage though the creation of new collections alongside other companies or artists, who share our vision, is essential for our company’s growth.

Many times, we hear say “unity is strength” and we couldn’t agree more!


Our partner

"La Boutique"

In the heart of Milan, in the iconic Brera district, we found a unique place that offers architects and designers solutions and synergies to create and personalize new spaces intended for living, working and welcoming. Having this in mind, EMMEVI decided to become a partner with “La Boutique” focusing on the design and creation of textile products for furnishings.

Together we want to offer a design service that can respond to any kind of need or desire for a new construction.



Dal mondo digitale al mondo della moda, passando da quello dell'arte non ci sono limiti per quello che si può fare insieme quando si ha un unico obiettivo. Il nostro, e quello dei nostri collaboratori , è sempre stato quello di conservare l’artigianalità e la qualità del Made in Italy senza smettere di innovare. In più, cerchiamo di creare prodotti che siano non solo unici ma anche rispettosi dell’ ambiente.

Green interior in modern interior of living room style with soft sofa and green wall,3d rendering
Jack Ottanio

Jack Ottanio

The collaboration between EMMEVI and the artist Jack Ottanio was born with the intention of bringing art and color to your home, creating a collection of author multiples for both carpets and doormats.

Ludmilla Radchenko

A collection that brings together art and wellness through the creation of printed yoga mats designed by the artist Ludmilla Radchenko, who reinterpreted her artistic collection: «Fabrique du fragance».


Alex Papavassiliou

The collaboration between EMMEVI and the artist Alex Papavassiliou was born in the occasion of the ARTEGENOVA 2024 FAIR with the realization of his artistic works ARTE SEMIOTICA “NFT – TEXTURE PRINT” using cutting-edge systems capable of combining original paintings with collections of unique pieces, made both in digital NFT form and in physical form from recycled materials.